Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Family Affair

 What another fun time in the summer with our Family Get-Together!  Most everyone made it and we couldn't be happier about it. 
 Break time for a movie and letting the parents rest for only a few moments.
 Some of our bee-you-tea-full sons.  The wig on Lance was from the storage unit.  Everyone had to try it on.  Of course he is famous now, you've seen him on facebook with it.
 This had to be my favorite part of the whole week.  I think everyone doubted me on the auction for the grandkids.  But really you must admit they all caught on fast and there was lots of competition and fun.  Even among the parents, right!?  And the do-good money that was earned was priceless.  Who knew that so many little ones could all be so good!
                                               Let's eat again and again and again.......
 The meals were all so good. I have bragged on all the girls about what good cooks they are!
 I hope they all enjoyed taking turns feeding the neighbors pigs & sheep.  This was better than a petting zoo.
Yes, every family has some monkeys in it.  Or at least some monkey business.  This was a metal tent that we also got in the storage unit that was much taller and had a tarp over it.  Okay, so it worked for a little while.  See you all next year!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Storage Wars

 I hope everyone has seen the show "Storage Wars" on t.v.  If not it is so much fun.  Well when we were in California in Feb. this year we watched quite a few and thought how fun that would be to attend an auction for a storage unit.  Well, we have been to three, now, and we won an auction!  YAHOO!  Dan didn't go to the auction with us but he was a real trooper to help us sort and carry and load.
 When the auctioneer opens the unit, this is what you see.  You can't step in or touch anything, just look from a distance.  Well, see where my finger is.  I was sure that was a really expensive curio cabinet.  And then you could see restaurant equipment.  And.... And.... And......
 Sorry the picture is sideways, but turn your head and look closely.  That is a 7 foot tall curio cabinet with a grandfather chiming clock.  WOW$$$$
And this beauty is the restaurant equipment, so we thought.  Turns out it's a bakers oven, think bread from great harvest.  We ended up taking all the metal "restaurant" equipment to the recyclers and got $297.  Not quite the big ticket item I thought it was.  But better than nothing.  So far we have made back almost half of what the storage unit cost.  And we haven't even started selling.  More to come.  Jeff and I are both ready to do this again.  We will have some fun prizes at the Fam Reunion in July.  Be ready!$!$

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring has sprung!

 With those of you blogging, I thought to myself "Self you better get blogging, cause you have some cute pix to show others".  This was found in Gramma Lois' yard, an Owl!  Pretty cool huh.  The neighbor down the street thought he might get it stuffed to keep as a pet. 
 The big and little eggs from the days gathering.  Isn't he such a handsome man!  Some say he looks like Mitt.  But to me he is Mr. Wonderful!
 Bryce & Amy's munchkins.  Madison, Preston, Jackson, Garrett and Melanie.  What a crowd!  We saw them in October.  Wish they lived closer!
 Jeremy, Stephanie and Alexis met us in Las Vegas in September after Dan flew home and we partied down at the bodybuilder convention.  What fun.  The sumo wrestlers were my faves! 
 Christmas time in Salt Lake.  The lights are wonderful, but to be there with family is very spiritual for me.  Christmas 2012 lets all plan on being there.  Dinner on Dad!
                                           A bee-you-tea-full sunrise in the Spring of 2012!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mealtme Matters 101

Okay, so my blogging is needing updating of how-to blog, darn:(. I just lost everything I had just typed in here and now I am going to send you to the site and let you read it for yourselves. Please go to the site and let me know what you think and how you remedy this problem at your house. I am still having this trouble with Dan!

Read this post on this site and you will understand. Thanks, Mom, Mary

This is a picture of our fancy dinner on our last cruise with Grandma Lois, Todd and his son Jared. Would you be comfortable taking your family to dinner in a place like this? Let's hear the comments!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March already!?

Well, it's been quite a while since I've blogged, sorry. But I enjoy reading others blogs more than blogging. I just wanted to show some things that have happened that I didn't blog about.

In October we went to Florida and met Bryces family and went to some fun parks and the beach.
Truly it wouldn't be a great trip without the beach. Bryces kids seemed like they had a blast and I know we sure did.

Jakes family came up for the week of his birthday and it was fun. All of the grandkids are growing up way too fast!

Then we were off to Yuma for some warm weather and of course what would a trip to Yuma be without seeing an Elvis impersonator. I'm sure this was Jeffs favorite night of the whole trip! Every time we have been down there Elvis is there and we go and see him. The best one we have seen was a the BYU-I center.

And this is just a cute little hummingbird. We had three that usually came around and would sit and talk with me. We had lots of birds come right into the yard and Brownee kept busy trying to chase them away.

When we came back to Idaho the weather at least wasn't 20 below zero, but there was lots of snow. And now we are just trying to see a bit of spring but the snow is still pretty deep. We are so excited for this summer when two new grandbabies will be born and we hopefully will get to see all of you sometime or other. Plan on our house the end of July when Lances family will make their annual trek. Unfortunately Bryces family won't be able to make it but they will be having that new baby too soon to be travelling. Hope to see all of you blogging soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I want to wish everyone out there a Happy 2011. May you have all that you need, not to excess, unless it is friends. May your health be great and maybe improve. May you always know that I love you and will always love you.

Hoping this year will bring more happiness to your homes and ours!
If you are wanting to find us we will be in Yumaaaaahhhhhhh.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last but not least, Birthdays

All of the birthdays for the year are completed with these two wonderful guys! Garrett is in this picture with part of his family when they went to the zoo in Idaho Falls and they walked the penguin. This is the only shot I have of him in my library of pix. Sad huh. Happy #2 Birthday, big guy.

In 1983 I recieved one of the best Christmas presents of my life. Jacob Nicholas was born, on Christmas morning I put him under the tree and woke Chris up and told him that we had been given a baby for Christmas, Chris was very excited, too. Hard to believe Jake is 27!?! Happy b-day! Everyone needs to remind me when we see you to take the camera out and take pictures so we have up to date pix. Merry Christmas to one and all, Mom, Mary